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Eminent DomainAn eminent domain attorney practices law in the field of real estate and handles cases that involve the expropriation of private property by the government. Eminent domain is one of the three inherent powers of the State, along with police power and taxation. Essentially, the government has the right to claim property (with adequate and just compensation) that is privately owned by US citizens. They have the power to do this with or without the permission of the owner. This process is known as eminent domain. Eminent domain attorneys are hired by property owners to deal with the government in its exercise of eminent domain laws. Legal questions typically arise with the valuation of the private property in question or the necessity of converting said private property from public to government use. The power of eminent domain primarily rests in the hands of the legislature. The legislature may, however, delegate its power of eminent domain to another governmental body, or to private corporations promoting a valid public purpose. While the exercise of eminent domain is generally limited to real property, the government may also condemn personal and intangible property. The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, also known as the “Takings Clause,” recognizes the government’s power to allocate private property for public use, so long as the government pays “just compensation” to the owner.

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  • Davenport, Lavette & Cleckler, P.C.

    Address: 3829 Lorna Road, Suite 302
      Birmingham, AL 35244
    Phone #: (800) 842-3495
    Website: http://www.dlclawyers.com

    Sever Storey, LLP

    Address: 301 N Main St, #2406
      Winston-Salem, NC 27101
    Phone #: 336-245-1155
    Website: http://landownerattorneys.com

    Sever Storey, LLP

    Address: 701 Devonshire Dr. C-13
      Champaign, IL 61820
    Phone #: (888) 318-3761
    Website: http://landownerattorneys.com

    Spragins, Barnett & Cobb, PLC

    Address: 312 East Lafayette St
      Jackson, TN 38301
    Phone #: (800) 339-6177
    Website: http://www.spraginslaw.com

    Taylor Law Firm, PLLC

    Address: 625 NW 13th St
      Oklahoma City, OK 73103
    Phone #: (888) 314-7119
    Website: http://www.taylorlawfirmok.com

    Nicholls & Crampton, P.A.

    Address: 3700 Glenwood Ave, Suite 500
      Raleigh, NC 27619
    Phone #: (866) 546-8287
    Website: http://www.nichollscrampton.com

    Kaufman Payton & Chapa

    Address: 30833 Northwestern Hwy
      Farmington Hills, MI 48334
    Phone #: (248) 626-5000
    Website: http://www.kaufmanlaw.com

    Keith A. Hammond, P.C.

    Address: 223 N Elden St
      Flagstaff, AZ 86002
    Phone #: (928) 556-0983
    Website: http://www.hammondattorney.com

    Dean & Barrett

    Address: 457 South 10th St
      Opelika, AL 36803
    Phone #: (334) 787-9991
    Website: http://www.deanandbarrett.com
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