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Eviction LawAn eviction attorney is a legal professional who assists clients in interposing defenses in case of eviction in order to delay or stop it. Such defenses include warranty of habitability (duty of the dwelling owner to make sure that the property rented out is livable, otherwise the tenant can delay the eviction or deduct the amount of unpaid rent), quiet enjoyment (tenement owner cannot trespass into it and he cannot prevent the tenant from using it), discrimination (tenement owner cannot evict a tenant by reason of traits and personal circumstances), laches (the owner of the tenement cannot bring a claim if he unreasonably delayed in bringing the claim for a significant period of time), and other appropriate remedy. Laws concerning a landlord – tenant relationship are quite complicated, hence retaining an eviction attorney is advisable in cases where an individual is evicted from their dwelling. A tenant who was evicted may also claim for damages against the owner of the tenement, through his eviction attorney, if the owner violated the proper way of evicting a tenant and caused damage to the tenant and/or to his properties.

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  • Peskin, Courchesne & Allen, P.C.

    Address: 101 State Street, Suite 401
      Springfield, MA 01103
    Phone #: (413) 734-1002
    Website: http://www.pcalaw.net

    Karamanlis Powers Law Offices

    Address: 600 Anton Blvd
      Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    Phone #: (877) 201-9001
    Website: http://karamanlispowers.com

    Law office of Jerome C. Williams, Jr.

    Address: 146 2nd Street North, Suite 310
      St. Petersburg, FL 33701
    Phone #: 727-474-1227
    Website: http://www.jcwilliamslaw.com

    Witherwax Law, P.C.

    Address: 5525 Mills Civic Parkway, Suite 120
      West Des Moines, IA 50266
    Phone #: (888) 868-9578
    Website: http://www.witherwaxlaw.com

    Gregory Starkey

    Address:  2016 10th Ave South, Suite 101
      Birmingham, AL 35205
    Phone #: (205) 545-8251
    Website: http://www.birminghammenslawfirm.com
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