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Government LawA government attorney in the United States is one that is employed by government agencies and instrumentalities of the United States that are involved in legal matters. An example of these government agencies is the Department of Justice that handles criminal cases, among others. Government attorneys cannot be privately retained and usually handle cases involving the public interest, like criminal cases and cases with the government of the United States as one of the parties. The chief attorney of the United States government is the Attorney General, the head of the United States Department of Justice. He is a political appointee that serves the government at the discretion of the President of the United States of America. The functions of government attorneys are determined by law. The respective legal statutes that determine the existence of their offices serve as a guide to understand and determine the scope of their powers and functions. Their salary is also determined by law.

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  • Mayall Hurley, P.C. A Professional Corporation

    Address: 2453 Grand Canal Blvd Second Floor
      Stockton, California 95207
    Phone #: 209 477-3833

    Gimbel Reilly Guerin & Brown, LLP

    Address: 330 East Kilbourn Ave
      Milwaukee, WI 53202
    Phone #: (414) 271-1440

    Robinson, Seiler & Anderson, LC

    Address: 2500 North University Ave, Suite 100
      Provo, UT 84604
    Phone #: (888) 866-3503

    Woods, Fuller, Shultz, & Smith, P.C.

    Address: 300 South Phillips Ave, Suite 300
      Sioux Falls, SD 57104
    Phone #: (605) 336-3890

    Gunderson, Palmer Nelson & Ashmore, LLP

    Address: 506 Sixth St
      Rapid City, SD 57701
    Phone #: (6050 342-1078

    Colwell, Colwell & Petroccione

    Address: 20 Corporate Woods Blvd
      Albany, NY 12211
    Phone #: (866) 377-0285

    Haller & Colvin, P.C.

    Address: 444 East Main St
      Fort Wayne, IN 46802
    Phone #: (866) 389-1417

    Walker, Hamilton & Koenig, LLP

    Address: 50 Francisco St, Suite 460
      San Francisco, CA 94133
    Phone #: (415) 513-4924
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